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Monitoring to improve your income

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Monitoring to improve your income

Bài gửi by Admin on Sun Apr 13, 2014 10:10 am

The method of monitoring is just as important as creating its own list, but nobody explains to beginners how to proceed. I'll give you some tips so you can create your e-mails today.
I put myself in the shoes of a person wishing to sell an ebook to become a super affiliate
Message 1 - The Link To Download
The person is normally provide you with his name and his e-mail, it now expects the download link of his gift.
Subject: [Name], here is your link to download the ebook XX
Hi [name],
Thank you for your entry to my list of "how to become a super affiliate."
You will receive over the next few weeks many tips and tricks to help you earn money through affiliate.
But without further ado, here is your link to download your free ebook:
Download Link
If you have a question, do not hesitate to send me an e-mail to this address: votre-email@votre-site.com
Your Name
Message 2 - The Benefits Of Your Product Fee
The role of this second message is to tempt the customer to discover your paid product.
To do this, simply indicate the main benefits of the product and why not offer a small discount.
For example, I could have written this message:
You will discover a method Step By Step which allowed me to earn more than € XXX last month .
I will give you a technical Simple And Effective to find niches without competing.
How to improve your reputation and increase your income.
The Secret that all super affiliates know to create their business over the long term .
This is only part of the advice you will find in this new ebook.
And thank you for being enrolled in my list, I offer a 20% discount .
So you can get this ebook for only € XX XX instead of €

Message 3 - Responding To A Request
If the person is listed on your list, it's looking for information in a specific field.
It surely find answers through the product or information that you provide.
But you need to explain in this 3 rd e-mail, why your product it needs.
You can, for example, details of a need or problem that your product answers clearly.
Here's what I could write in this e-mail:
I've read over the past 12 months, several books which were revealed to me METHOD allowing me finally to earn money through affiliate.
It is always interesting to read ebooks of my "colleagues".
I can well see that the really useful information for someone wishing to start in affiliation, are not present.
I think you read the same ebooks that me promising you to earn thousands of dollars per month working only 1-2 hours a day.
Unfortunately, after reading the book and a few tries, you realize that the only person who made money in the story is the seller of the "miracle" solution.
I want to reassure you, I'm not like that. My role is to help people start, smooth, their business on the internet and in particular through membership.
So I compiled all the techniques and tricks that allow me today, to gain more XX € per month.
Prior to selling this solution, I asked 5 people with no particular applying the tips outlined in my ebook skills.
The result is clear: the 5 people, 4 have managed to win over € XX in the first month.
It does not surprise me.
In fact, I tried to detail as much as possible, using screen capture, the various steps that allow me to gain more XX € per month.
I invite you to visit my website for more details on this offer and discover the testimonials from satisfied customers.

Message 4 - Detail Your Offer
In this 4 th message, you must itemize your offer, that the person will receive after purchase.
You can, at the same time, give some positives and accentuate the fact that your product meets the needs of your customer. In my case, this is to help beginners to earn money through affiliate.
For example

Here's exactly what you'll get in a few minutes:
An ebook with over 100 pages. The method to become a super affiliate is explained clearly and precisely to enable, anyone, to succeed on the internet. Each step is illustrated with many screenshots to facilitate understanding.
You'll also get a collection of 10 videos repeating each important step to achieve the final goal: making money.
I decided to include technical support to help you personally, if you encounter difficulties during your training.
Message 5 - Questions?
Some people will be interested in your product, but hesitate to leap.
One reason may be the lack of information in your sales page and in the first 4 emails.
To solve this problem simply, using the 5 th message directly ask the customer if they have a specific question about your product.
Give him more opportunities to contact you: email, phone, MSN, skype ...
You can also specify a time range to facilitate contact following your schedule.
Another tip is to add in your message, questions from other customers with your answers. This saves you from repeatedly answering the same questions and you will save valuable time.

Message 6 - Testimonials
This is your ultimate weapon to give credibility to your offer.
Try to get testimonials from people known in your market. This will have more impact with your subscribers.
Instead of putting all your evidence collected in your message, select the catchy phrases. Those that make you want to buy your product.
For example, for this testimony:
A beautiful book!
This book is a goldmine regarding the tricks of online marketing.
In this ebook, Serge tells us clever and ingenious ways that people can utilize to carry out a project.
The illustrated examples I liked very much and shows you do not always know all the internet marketing.
I will only select this part:
"This book is a gold mine"

Message 7 - The Last Chance
If the person has not yet bought your product, do not worry, nothing is lost.
Your last message used to make a summary of the foregoing.
You can:
Indicate the benefits of your product versus your competitors.
Add a few relevant sentences from the evidence.
To restore your contact information and indicate if it a question, it should not hesitate to ask.

In conclusion
Normally, you now have the basics to start writing your first set of e-mails. To gradually improve the quality of e-mails, you can write two different sets for the same product.
So after a few weeks of testing, you just keep the series that converted the maximum subscribers into buyers.


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